I UK [skweə(r)] / US [skwer] noun [countable]
Word forms "square":
singular square plural squares
1) a shape with four straight sides of equal length and four corners called right angles

The garden has flower beds that form a perfect square.

a) a piece of something shaped like a square

Cut the fabric into squares.

a square of carpet/fabric/glass

b) one of the small sections that the board is divided into in games such as chess and draughts
2) an open area of land in the shape of a square, usually with buildings around it. "Square" is often used in the names of roads and can be written Sq

There are one or two good hotels in the main square.

They have an office in Soho Square.

3) maths the number that is the result of multiplying one number by itself

The square of 3 is 9.

4) informal someone who is boring because they do not wear fashionable clothes or have fashionable interests

back to/at square one — in the same situation that you were in before you started to do something, with no progress made

The deal collapses and you're back to square one.

II UK [skweə(r)] / US [skwer] adjective **
1) in the shape of a square

a small square garden

2) with edges or corners that are not as curved as usual

He had full lips and a square jaw.

He was short with broad square shoulders.

3) maths square units are used for measuring the area of something

The police have an area of over 200 square miles to search.

The room couldn't have been more than four yards square.

The sign should be no more than one square metre in area.

4) straight, or parallel with something straight

Place the pieces together and make sure the edges are square.

The corners aren't square.

5) informal if two people are square, neither person owes the other anything

You give me back six pounds – then we'll be square.

6) informal someone who is square is boring because they do not wear fashionable clothes or have fashionable interests

III UK [skweə(r)] / US [skwer] verb [transitive]
Word forms "square":
present tense I/you/we/they square he/she/it squares present participle squaring past tense squared past participle squared
1) [usually passive] maths a number that is squared is multiplied by itself

26 is equal to five squared plus one.

2) to score the same number of points as another player or team, so that no one wins a match or series of matches

They fought back to square the match at three-all.

3) British to hit or kick a ball to someone level with you, not in front or behind
Phrasal verbs:
IV UK [skweə(r)] / US [skwer] adverb

He hit it square in the middle of the bat.

She couldn't look me square in the eye.

English dictionary. 2014.

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